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I'm Skye! I'm an artist, creator of the webcomic "Bigger Than You Think", and a musician who makes bitpop with vocal synths! 19 | nonbinary | they/them

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This blog is safe for LGBT+ (including aro/ace, intersex and nonbinary) people, neurodivergent folks, and people of color. I will try to tag everything necessary, but if there's something specific you need tagged, feel free to ask.

If you fall under the following or support the following, please block me and refrain from following me. In addition, please do not join any communities and/or servers I manage or moderate.

  • You are a TERF / gender critical / gender abolitionist

  • You're alt-right / Nazi

  • You're a transmedicalist / truscum

  • You're a pedophile / MAP or a supporter

  • You're exorsexist / think nonbinary identities are invalid

  • You're arophobic/acephobic or think ace/aro identities are invalid